Harvest Young Adults

Summer Schedule:
Thursdays at 7:00 PM

July 4, July 11, July 25, August 1, August 25

Pressing onto maturity together.

At HYA, we’re focused on two things:

Small Group Discipleship

We believe that growing up in Jesus Christ happens best when we’re a part of a small group where we are known, loved, accountable, and able to do life together for God’s glory. This is how we pursue maturity together.

Church Integration

We believe that part of the spiritual maturing process for every believer includes integration into the body life of the church. HYA will always be pushing young adults to connect to the church, to commit to the church, and to be serving Christ within the church.

Never been here before?
Just show up!

We have a special Welcome Group that meets during our second half that is designed specifically for newcomers, visitors, and those who aren’t able to regularly attend. In Welcome Group, you’ll learn how to get plugged into a HYA small group, we’ll spend some time discussing the night’s teaching, and you’ll have opportunity to ask any questions you might have about small groups, HYA, and Harvest. Our goal is that after coming once, you’ll know everything you need to make a prayerful, informed decision about if HYA is the right place for you to grow in your walk with Christ during this season of your life.


For more information about this ministry, please contact:

Daniel Meyer

Director of Family Ministries